Dreams Show

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Welcome to The Dreams Show – your ticket to experiencing the magic of Fleetwood Mac and the captivating solo career of their leading lady, Stevie Nicks. Since its launch in 2017, Dreams has gained massive acclaim, both from fans across Australia and from within Fleetwood Mac themselves.

Dennis Dunstan, Fleetwood Mac’s Manager (1981-1999), applauded the show, stating, “The Dreams Show was a breath of fresh air when it comes to Fleetwood Mac tribute shows.. these guys deliver.. Big Time! Don’t miss this show if you’re a Mac fan!

Recently we were reviewed in the Melbourne Music Publication The TAGG. Cassandra Simmons wrote in detail about her view of our Memo Music Hall, St Kilda show and concluded:

“It’s no wonder that ‘Dreams’ tours extensively, most shows selling out many months in advance. ‘Dreams’ is not only the closest that music lovers are ever likely to get to Fleetwood Mac again. They are exceptional performers in their own right, one of the most proficient and engaging tribute bands currently gracing Australian stages.”


Surrender to the enchantment of Dreams, as we recreate everything from their live show spectacle to clothes to choreography and  anecdotes to iconic songs of the legendary band. Enjoy monumental hits like ‘Go your Own way’, ‘Gypsy’, ‘Edge of Seventeen’, ‘Rooms on Fire’, ‘TUSK’, ‘Say you love me’, and many others.

The Band in alphabetical order

1. Nikki Canale: Our very own Stevie Nicks, a seasoned performer originating from the USA, with a decade-long professional stint in Las Vegas.

2. Wayne Daniels: Emulating Lindsay Buckingham, Wayne juggles between roles of musical director, band founder, and a virtuoso of guitar and vocals. Wayne has a rich history as a singer-songwriter-lead guitarist, including his original 80’s & 90’s Sydney-based bands from Colour Blue to Shikira to Triple Entente.

3. Regotron Leayr: Resonating with John McVie’s character, he enriches the ensemble with his bass guitar, vocals and expertise in production.

4. Krissy Linehan: Representing Christine McVie, spices up performances with the keys, vocals, flute and a lot of class.

5. Matt Skea: Reliving the role of Mick Fleetwood, showcases amazing proficiency in drums, percussion & vocals.

Bookings & Marketing

Rob Lutton, co-founder who has worked behind the scenes leading bookings, strategy and marketing since day 1 of the show in 2017  – Click Here to Book Dreams